Friday, October 29, 2010


shall i blog about something that happened this half of the year? perhaps even within the past week? *gasp* shocking, i know!

last saturday was the hot one inch action button show. for long time readers, you may recall a certain nsfw button i submitted with my friend last year. (btw, we [kel/kel] now have a website: clicky clicky!)

once again, happily posing in front of our button

this year's button is completely safe for work, i assure you! and therefore, did not create as big a stir as "Dickbag" did.

i present to you.... "Has thou slain the Biebicorn?"

now in case anyone is a big bieber fan, i just want to clarify that i actually have no real opinion/stance on the boy. to be honest, i'm not really sure how we even came up with the concept for this button.

our process usually involves either one of us (usually kellen) commenting on something we've observed; then we laugh about it and file it away in our memory 'til it's about a week before an art show deadline. then we pool together whatever scraps of hilarious moments we can remember and i doodle while kellen throws ideas at me or we watch youtube videos for an hour and then somehow a sketch looks right or an idea feels good and we go with it. most of the editing happens between sketch and computer stage. by the time i've scanned a sketch we're usually too tight on time for kellen to approve/disapprove of my colour choices. :P

and i'm not really sure why i just rambled on about our art process......


after the show, i decided to check out the olympic cauldron despite the blistering wind and pouring rain:

(does anyone know why it was re-lit for that day only?)


  1. LOL - I love that button! Where do I place my order to get one? Seriously :)

  2. kelly i want that button!! it rules!! you should give one to grambo seeing how much he loves unicorns he'll love this.

    looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

  3. You don't know how much i laughed at this button. Please send me one.
    PLEASE. Oh, and your adorable. Thanks for the sweet sweet comment, lovely! I just did a new post too.
    Panda xo

  4. yay! i have your pin ! nice collaboration


merci beaucoup!