Wednesday, October 13, 2010

need: sweaters!

a week ago, we were finally hit with a cold, brisk autumn day. this made me want a giant sweater to cozy up in. searching through my closets, i was dismayed to realise i didn't own any thick knitted sweaters.

on my fall/winter wish list: a cable knit sweater, but anything big and/or chunky will do.


aaaaaannnnndd i love leopard print!


my favourite is the sweater.


  1. Gah I am such a sucker for leopard print! That had some chunkier leopard printed sweaters at H&M the other day.

  2. I like your images of the leopard print sweaters - though I'm not a big fan of them, I'm quite partial to the cardigan worn with a belt!

    The Zara sweaters look good too - have you tried any of them on?

  3. @rachaelkrystina
    thanks for the heads up! i'll try and remember to have a look at h&m

    i haven't tried any of these on yet. i usually like to snoop around online before going into stores. wandering aimlessly into a store is usually too dangerous for me :P (see previous post regarding stella shoes. lol)

  4. You can't have enough sweaters for our damp westcoast winters. I'm a big fan of the grandpa oversized ones. What's your take on vintage sweaters? I'm afraid that you can't get the smell out of them

  5. i have leo print...but i didn't figure out how to use it :/

    i just bumped into your blog! and it's so cute!

    xoxo from rome

  6. I'm thinking leather pleated skirt and that last leopard sweater!

    Love Grace.

  7. I love that third one. That big cream cardigan.. Looks so soft and warm!
    Panda xo


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