Tuesday, October 27, 2009

apt descriptions: maybe not my forte.

last thursday, i went to yuk yuks 'cause i'd won tickets from filling in a comment card the last time i was there. i laughed 'til my gut hurt and my eyes watered up! the mc for the night was adam pateman and seriously, his bits on hipsters, love, and canadian heritage had me practically rolling on the floor.

anyway, i wanted to document this outfit mostly because i've been wearing these vintage slouch boots for two months now, but never posted photos of them:

i had tweeted that they "fit like a glove" - which is an extremely weird description... feet gloves? ..socks? (a little late on the promise, but fulfilling your request for photos, kelsey!) they can also be worn unfolded - very pirate-y.

the inspiration behind the layout and photo colouring are the marc by / marc jacobs ads photographed by juergen teller. his photos are generally softer in lighting but i like the contrast of the grittier photos against a clean layout.

source: marc jacobs

Saturday, October 17, 2009

it's not a cape, edna, and i'm no superhero.

i am guilty of sitting on these outfit photos for a while. they are from the last weekend of september; what i wore for dinner at the edge.

i had no idea how japanese-influenced this outfit was 'til i started this post...

the cardigan with giant sleeves was purchased over the summer from my friend's aunt who runs a clothing factory in asia. i do not know the label as all the clothes are sold in japan only.

i am also wearing a camisole purchased from a japanese store in melbourne (white tank worn underneath is h&m organic), black skinny jeans from uniqlo japan, and arnold churgin boots.

if there is any doubt as to what the title of this post refers to, why it's to the incredibles and edna mode's aversion to capes!

as an aside, the characters in the images have no connection to the "japanese-ness" of my outfit - they are actually titles of chinese songs that i was listening to while photoshopping. (i sometimes feel the need to clarify such things.)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

seattle/bumbershoot 2009.

i've really been feeling little inspiration to blog. sorry for the absence.

having finally uploaded photos from my labour day seattle/bumbershoot trip to [crack]book, i decided i'd better share some here as well.

i don't have any outfit photos though. the weather was unpredictable and i ended up dressing in variations of my standard outfit (skinny jeans, chuck taylors/tretorn rain boots, black sweater/jacket) most the weekend.

from top:
• i can't help but take photos of pretty clouds while i'm in the car
• inside a bar
• jimmy fallon yearbooked
• AMAZING JACKET! i don't even know who this is... we were drunk
• branded by the club
• gay ponies i took from the gay bar

from top:
natalie portman's shaved head throwing a beach party
the all-american rejects were pretty good
sport menu
• my chicken sandwich
• de la, de la, de la soul
• the space needle at night

from top:
• crazy rainy morning
• our beloved alley
• matching his & hers rainboots (not really)
• lights at jason mraz
jason mraz

from top:
• amazingly long wait for an amazingly good brunch
black eyed peas put on an awesome show - which i forgot they were capable of
• "bLunch" is the dumbest thing EVER
FRANZ FERDINAND!!!!!!!!!! completely killed it; best show of the weekend
metric were great, but seriously hard to top franz

oh, and if you don't already love/hate emily haines for being so talented, take a gander at her jacket:

yes, i had to make sure i got a good enough photo of it so i could drive myself crazy.

thanks to all who cast their votes on who should win the best costume prize from my half-bday party. it's pretty neck and neck! but i'll just have to make an executive decision. i've decided the prize will be a tub of ben & jerry's half baked ice cream. :D

i'll be returning comments very soon! promise! hope all my fellow canadians had a wonderful thanksgiving!