Friday, September 30, 2011

individuality vs dress codes.

What makes someone's style unique?

I'm sure everyone likes to think of themselves as having a personal style/individuality, but it's probably easiest to fall into the cookie-cutter masses of readily available chain-store apparel.

After reading Susie Lau's (aka Susie Bubble) piece in Elle UK, it got me thinking about how, on many occasions, I have been too concerned about what others would think about the way I'm dressed instead of catering to myself first. This "the public before me" thought process is inevitable: we need to dress appropriately for job interviews, weddings, etc. There are social norms, protocols, and whatnot that are drilled into our heads at an early age.

I'm not saying that dress codes are bad; I am all for them! To me, following a dress code is showing respect. Does following a dress code mean you have to be boring? Not at all. Working within restrictions is a great way to exercise your creativity. Push the envelope; see how far you can skirt the line between acceptable and wholly inappropriate.

While I was in design school, we were given projects with very little restrictions and encouraged to go crazy. Our instructors knew that once we graduated into the working world, we'd not have the same type of freedom for projects. When I first started working, I felt like my creativity was being stunted, but over time I've learned to inject little details that maybe the client didn't ask for, but definitely ends up appreciating.

Subconsciously, I have used the same attitude for design work as I do with my wardrobe: always let the details speak out for your creativity and don't let restrictions be the end all.

/random incoherent spiel

What do you feel makes your style unique? I'd love to know your views on this topic.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

taylor tomasi hill.

I had always noticed Taylor Tomasi Hill on sites like Jak & Jil Blog over the years, but recently decided to look more closely into the archives of her fashion week appearances. AND THEN I BECAME OBSESSED.

Currently the Accessories Editor at Marie Claire (formerly of Teen Vogue), Taylor Tomasi Hill is a self-described clothing chameleon. While not as flashy as Anna Dello Russo (and I don't mean that in a derogatory way; I love ADR) and not as effortless smart-chic as the Paris Vogue team, Taylor finds a way to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. And even if you find her in a relatively "safe" outfit, her signature red hair is always the perfect stand-out accessory.

Another thing I've noticed is Taylor's not afraid to show off her current closet favourite or recycle old favourites into new outfits. While some fashion editors seem to travel from fashion week to fashion week with trunks of clothes, Taylor seems to work around some key pieces in her suitcase; I like to think it makes her seem more human and accessible.

Here are some examples of Taylor reworking pieces into different looks:

sources: The Sartorialist / Garance Dore

sources: STREETFSN / Citizen Couture

sources: Jak & Jil Blog / STREETFSN

If you're looking for more photos, I've started an archive on Tumblr:

Which editors' styles do you find the most inspiring?