Friday, June 10, 2011

brief 'hello'.

I started this blog when I was at a crossroads in life... I no longer had a full-time job and I'd spent my savings travelling. My freelance work was sparse and starting a company was only in its first planning stages. I needed something to occupy my free time and an outlet to channel my creativity.

Now, three years later, I am more fully committed to a job than I've ever been. My business partner and I found a little office on the edge of Yaletown last April and really hunkered down. Hard work, as they say, always pays off. A year plus later and we are busier than we could ever have imagined. We've found wonderful part-time help and our client list keeps growing.

So, while I'm completely ecstatic about where I am with life, the state I've left option8 in is quite sad.

Things are falling into a more manageable schedule and pace now. I do commit more hours to my job than the average person (my friends who are not entrepreneurs will never fully understand), but I am understanding there is a need to save time for my non-work life as well.

All that being said (I am ever so long-winded...) I'm not saying 'goodbye' to option8. I think it will be feasible to schedule some time every couple weeks to blog.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support my little nook of the internet. ♥