Friday, January 16, 2009

jessica hische.

i recently came across the work of jessica hische, an illustrator, typographer, and designer based out of brooklyn.

i love her work, which has been featured in numerous publications (society of illustrators, print, and graphis, to name a few). my favourite of her self-directed projects is aesop's fables for the dim-witted & unimaginative.

jessica also works at louise fili ltd., which does fantastic food packaging and restaurant identities. (louise fili, herself, also has an amazing body of work.)

for updates on jessica's work, visit her blog. (and to see the awesome louise fili studios, check out this design*sponge sneak peek.)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

marguerite sauvage.

whilst browsing the other day (perhaps it was fabsugar), i came across this link and marguerite sauvage's awesome illustrations. i am in love with the line work and colours. her clientele is quite extensive, and deservingly so! have a look at her galleries; she also does animation. i am completely inspired to integrate runway looks into my drawings now.