Tuesday, March 31, 2009

baptême en diable.

probably my favourite terry richardson editorial. (love coco rocha!)
vogue paris dec '06/jan '07
photos via foto_decadent ages ago.

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sometimes i really hate blogger... frustration #3483: no placing content under cuts!!! but thanks to beautiful beta's hack, you'll no longer have to put up with my crazy large image posts if you don't want to. simply click on the "cliquez ici..." link to view the rest of my post!

toronto fashion week round up!

finally posting the rest of my toronto fashion week reviews! last week was a bit hectic, hence the big delay. so, without further ado...
(all photos courtesy lgfashionweek.ca.)

carlie wong

truth be told, i am a tad disappointed with carlie wong's collection. i definitely remember loving stuff from her collections a few seasons ago, but this feels a bit average and not particularly groundbreaking. that being said, perhaps the recession's got a bit to do with her decision to hold back.

evan biddell

my reason for cropping some of these faces is not so much an image size issue, but more of a saving-your-eyes issue. i understand where the intent was for the makeup, but somewhere along the way, it all went horribly wrong. clearly, this has detracted the attention away from the clothes which i quite like, and i also appreciate the rocking of the balmain-look-a-likes. (non-platform version, here.)

lucian matis
oh how do i even begin to rave about my love for this collection? maybe it's mostly the surreal/romantic/dreamy/foresty (yeah, it's a word now!) backdrop and the hair and not so much the clothes... either way, lucian matis has me swooning! while i was figuring out how to best collage this collection, i came up with this:

obviously impossible to see the clothes, so here's a less dreamy version:

(notice that for once, a reality show's intents on launching careers seems to have actually worked. congrats to carlie, evan, and lucian!)


i love the drama-meets-rocker-girl. that last shot of the back of the dress is so awesome.

carlton brown
just because i greatly appreciate a sharply dressed man:

the forever21 at metropolis/metrotown won't be opening its doors 'til november!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

jonas löfgren.

i saw this bit about lula's "a perfect mess" editorial featuring illustrations of our favourite disheveled fashionistas and immediately fell in love with the illustrations! the illustrations are by jonas löfgren and i love his entire body of work! wow! the dark and doll-like figures i've seen lots, yes, but there is so much expression in the faces he draws. more inspiration that i don't know when i'll get around to channeling. (if i call it a rainy day project, does that mean i should have fulfilled my list of them by now seeing as i live in vancouver...?)

Saturday, March 7, 2009


about a month ago, i decided to photograph some makeup i'd recently purchased (for this blog) and i ended up doing a few product shots of my makeup collection favourites. ironically, none of the photos i'm about to share include the makeup items i set out to shoot originally. instead, i've decided to share why these are my favourites. (and i've since added a couple new items from my last sephora jaunt in seattle, but i'll save those for another time.)

i am huge on eyes and nails. my makeup collection has very few lip products and i don't use blush. i just feel that i can have the most fun with eye shadows and nail polishes. that's what makeup should be about anyway, having fun.

nail polish
i don't do my nails too often (maybe an average of once every month or two) and i usually go for pretty bold colours. the pink polish i got from a dangerfield sale bin in melbourne, and the wine/burgundy polish i got from cotton on body in geelong for $1. neither of these polishes are great quality, but i love the colours, and they are my favourite cheap nail polishes in my collection.

sephora colorful duo - duo no.3
i bought this shadow duo because i'd wanted to have canucks-themed eye makeup when i went out to see a game once, but realized i was lacking a nicely pigmented blue shadow. the first time i used this duo, i wasn't sufficiently impressed, but after some more experimentation, i've come to quite like it.

benefit creaseless cream shadow/liner - pre-nup
this was a freebie from sephora. i haven't used it much, as i'm not big on pearly pink shadows, but i do love this because it really is creaseless! i'm also a sucker for the packaging.

rimmel three-sum - breath taking
this is my go-to shadow trio. if i don't have time to fuss about my shadow, i throw on the gold and pink (and that's pretty often).

too faced - pearl necklace & oscar
i bought these for about $5 each from nordstrom rack in seattle. (if you don't mind hunting around and possibly rubbing elbows with many people for deals, check this place out!) i became obsessed with finding the perfect gold shadow shortly after mac released their holiday 07 collection. i don't think i have the porcelain skin needed to pull off the gold-leafed-eye look from that advertising campaign, but i still like to play around with golds and whites. these are nice colours that i don't use often enough, but i absolutely adore the packaging!

Friday, March 6, 2009

birthday trip.

firstly, my apologies for not finishing up my new york fashion week recaps, nor keeping up-to-date with london, milan and paris fashion weeks. maybe my recaps will make their respective appearances around august, when we start prepping for fall fashion? we'll see.

i have been busy with work and was away for a couple days for my birthday. my friends and i went to seattle to see matt wertz perform at the triple door. (i love this venue!) here are a few photos from my trip.