Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"dickbag" + something's a-brewing...

happily posing in front of our button!

firstly, i do need to say "thank you" for your nice comments on my mix tape button!

saturday's hot one inch action show was great fun! upon arrival, chris informed me that "Dickbag" was quite popular - yay! it was funny going around the room trading and finding out people's reactions to our button while we stayed (for the most part) anonymous.

my haul

my favourite button of the night was the popsicle which my friend procured for me from a boy (about the age of 11?) who happily traded for "Dickbag." (are kids being amused by such things at too young an age?)

finally, there is a reason i have bantered for so long before revealing our button... it is not very suitable for work!

i have purposely chosen to not close-crop on the image, but depending on how casual your work environment is, you may want to scroll at your own risk.






your eyes do not deceive you - that literally is a bag of dicks sporting wayfarers and skinny jeans, and riding a bicycle.

now, what's brewing is an idea...

last week, nicole at le mode du jour, posted about her 40-day shopping ban challenge. the significance of this challenge is that she must exercise not only self-restraint but also her creativity and document 40 days' worth of different outfits from her own closet. crazy, yes, but also such a great idea! no shopping for x-number of days always seems like such a self-pity-fest, but adding that creativity element adds a bit of excitement. (...or maybe i'm just a big geek, and this i can heartily admit to.)

well, this got me thinking... month-long shopping bans i've done before, so what's an extra few days? in fact, as of this post, it's been exactly 40 days since my last purchase and it wasn't too agonizing.

i have two trips planned for next year and the first is new york city in mid-february. what i'm wondering is if i could possibly start a new challenge - a 90-day shopping ban - and try to document each day of it? it's sheer insanity, i know, but if the light at the end of the tunnel is the shopping mecca that is new york city, i just might be able to hold on.

so my dear readers, what is your stance on this? are you declaring this lunacy or are you rooting for me like you would the underdog? please let me know! i will consider all arguments!

one more bit of info: if this is a go, it'll officially start on november 17th!


  1. That button made me giggle.

    Love Grace.

    ps. sorry for the delay in mailing! Again! Being sick makes it difficult to get around. :(

  2. dickbag? haha. thats hilarious. i must say i like the mixtape one better!

    xx Niki


  3. LOL love all the buttons, the dickbag one is definitely a concept i've never seen before. looking forward to seeing you document this shopping ban :)

  4. you got some really awesome pins there - nice work.

    the dickbag pin is pretty funny - i guess i have the mentality of a 12 yr old

  5. I agree with Livie and the rest...the dickbag one is hilarious. And I know I have the mentality of a 12 year old

  6. LOL oh man "dickbag" is freaking HIL-arious!! I totally didn't expect it to look like that hahaha which totally adds to it's awesomeness. I can't believe an 11-year old boy wanted it.. kids these days, they are learning about that sort of stuff at such a young age, it's scary really. But who knows, he is a boy after all and maybe he has common ground with the pin, future "dickbag" HAHAHA ok that's mean, but whatever.

    Any way, WOW maybe this is where all the new traffic and comments are being directed from, thank you so much for the pseudo-feature Kelly! You're awesome and I'm so honored to have inspired your 90-day shopping ban. DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! At least then, for half of my ban, I won't be doing it alone! hahaha and I'll definitely look forward to all your outfit pics as well!


merci beaucoup!