Wednesday, October 6, 2010

yay! ...nay.

the other day, suddenly remembering i needed a new sensible pair of shoes for fall, i decided to pop into winners.

i browsed for a few minutes, not really finding too much that interested me and then i found the stella mccartney mesh sandals i was lusting over last spring:

i absolutely adore them! but i don't think i will keep them. :(

despite the 70% discount off the original retail price, i don't think i can justify the expense.

i guess i will just take some pictures of me wearing the shoes and then return them. hahaha


  1. I wanted those so bad during the spring. I'd still happily take them. If you need somewhere to send them... :)
    Love Grace.

  2. Sucks that you have to return your dream shoes. I can see why you were lusting over them though!

  3. @Grace
    lol do you happen to be a size 6? ;)

  4. I hear ya about justifying the expense. I just feel that some things are relatively not worth it. But sometimes they are. So I am being of no assistance to you. ;)

  5. Ooooh I would have the hardest time returning those babies!

  6. I remember those! Hot. Did you keep them?

  7. @Livie
    no, i ended up returning them. i came to grips that they didn't fit my feet very well and were too tight in certain places. *sigh

  8. omgosh! those are radddd heels! where did you get them from?

  9. something with a cute kitschy heading. with hand written fonts.. maybe i'll find a sample :)


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