Sunday, September 27, 2009

half bday.

don't let the title fool you, we are still in catch-up mode!

i celebrated my half birthday at the beginning of the month with some close friends. it was very last minute, so it was officially titled "quelle's half-assed half bday" where the theme was halves. (yes, i am huge on party themes!)

my outfit:

(serious credit to susie of style bubble for the belted dress-on-dress idea! [...can you find my gushing comment?])

a few of my friends dressed up too!

i did promise a prize for best costume, but have not created/purchased/re-wrapped(? heh) said prize yet. nor have i chosen a winner! perhaps, i'll let you, my readers choose the winner! it should be noted that not pictured is one friend who decided she didn't need to dress up because she is half fijian and half italian. haha cast your vote in the comments!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

we interrupt your regularly scheduled program...

let us briefly veer off the catch-up path because i am bursting to share two things!

one: i went to the warehouse shoe sale at pne rollerland* (thanks for the vip night email, teresa!) and scored some arnold churgin boots that are, for me, the perfect knee-high, lace-front, leather hybrid.

the shaft height and the heel remind me of the triple-lace ann demeulemeester boots from fall '08 (okay, so it's not a wicked talon heel, but still stacked) while the tiny laces and detailing remind me of the prada spring '06 peep-toe boots (that i almost managed to get off ebay.. *sigh*), so you see, really the best of both worlds! and without the giganto price tag! now i feel less sad for not being able to buy those prada boots. (i guess the links make it seem like i'm a huge jane aldridge/sea of shoes worshipper... maybe i am. or maybe she's the first hit on google when i type in my search! but i digress...)

my second item of news is...

i cut my hair again on monday, and...

yes, super short! (sorry for the crap photos, but rest assured there'll be more photos in the weeks to come!) i haven't had hair this short since i was about one. i've considered having short hair on and off for a few years, but with the encouragement of my hairstylist extraordinaire, sue (at aveda academy), i took the plunge. i knew if i was going to cut, i'd cut it shorter than what i had last fall and the other option was to grow it out, which didn't excite me too much (mostly because i am super impatient).

anyway, ramble, bamble... thus concludes our detour!

*the warehouse shoe sale at pne rollerland goes from thursday, september 24 - sunday, september 27. hours are 10am - 9pm, thursday and friday; 10am - 6pm, saturday and sunday. happy shopping!

Friday, September 18, 2009

still playing catch-up, part whatever.

i love getting stuff in the mail. when a package arrives, it's like christmas! (except it's more like christmas presents i bought for myself.)

i was pretty surprised to receive this particular package from camille only days after purchasing:

what did i buy?

a wool blazer and a rogan for target tee!

i love them both. they fit perfectly and are super comfy.

my kitty decided to visit in my room all morning and hang about while i opened and photographed the package of clothes:

i love his white paws: