Sunday, May 31, 2009


my friend "b" got engaged on thursday, which would make girlfriend number 3 this year. i'll admit that while i was very excited to hear the news, it also put a little damper in my day. after about 5 minutes of feeling sorry for my single ass, i decided to think of the nice dresses i get to wear over the next two years instead. no, i have no budget for these dresses, but i can dream!

some traditional fare:

oscar de la renta s/s 09 _ carolina herrera s/s 09

i'd wear this yellow dress with a white belt, i think, and certainly a longer slip under the white:

celine s/s 09

some non-traditional fare:

miu miu s/s 09 _ versace s/s 09

i know you aren't supposed to wear white to weddings, but i say: rules are made to be broken. i love how architectural these white dresses are (including the versace above) and i think the cuts are modern enough to not compete with (most) bridal gowns:

vivienne westwood s/s 09 _ salvatore ferragamo s/s 09

my other friend, may, has asked me to be her bridesmaid and the wedding will be pretty non-traditional, so i would be choosing my own dress. as far as bridesmaid dresses go, i would love to be outfitted in either of the following:

valentino s/s 09 _ christian siriano s/s 09

i am drooling over the valentino! the christian siriano dress is really not that close a contender. haha

all photos courtesy and coutorture

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i've never been to heaven, but i've been to oklahoma...

...twice actually.

apologies for the hiatus! i was in tulsa, oklahoma during the victoria day long weekend and had trouble getting back into the groove of things upon my return (i tend to go into post-trip slumps).

the reason i was in tulsa was for a hanson members-only special event. i could really go into way too much detail, so instead i'll leave you with some photos (i had trouble narrowing down what to share).

tulsa is a very beautiful city. i was lucky enough to see quite a bit of it this time, but would love to visit again to discover more. (especially since i couldn't fit in vintage shopping! quite sad about that.)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

regarding architecture.

original image courtesy wikipedia

let's take a break from fashion and talk about something else i appreciate: architecture. i didn't study industrial or architectural design in school, but we did touch upon such topics.

the image above is of fallingwater, designed by frank lloyd wright in 1934. it is one of my life goals to visit this beautiful house one day.

i suppose when most people think of the early 1900s, streamlined furniture and architecture aren't the first things that come to mind, and that's probably why i am continually amazed by the calibre of design (from graphic to industrial to architectural) that was pumped out from the early to mid 1900s.

the art deco and modernist movements have become so timeless. if i had an unlimited budget to furnish my house, i'd pay herman miller and knoll some lengthy visits. (another goal on my list: to own a barcelona chair. in black please; may as well throw in the stool.)

but, i digress. my actual intent for this post was to point you in the direction of this website and trailer on west coast modernism: coast modern. if you have any interest in architectural design, please have a look! (i'd worked with one of the directors, gavin froome, briefly at a design agency, and this guy is a multifaceted talent. music, design, photography, film; it's a pretty hefty resume. check out his blog here.)

Thursday, May 7, 2009


so i figured out a new way to put content under a cut (many thanks to simpler than you think), but the problem now is, this new technique is only working for my main page of posts, and the "read more..." link defaults to every post. *sigh* i can live with this solution for now, i suppose. or i could suck it up and live with the fact that blogger will just not allow cuts. blah!

ps - i have stuff to post, i promise. i just took a nice relaxing day off from everything, is all.

ETA - fine, i give up! i'd rather one post be a million pages long than have all my posts messed up! are you happy, blogger?? are you?? fml.

Monday, May 4, 2009

sunday night.

went out to see the faint and ladytron put on a fantastic show last night at the commodore!

the faint
photo by bill sitzman, courtesy press here

photo by mike sharpe, courtesy nettwerk music

i'd seen ladytron live before, and they were great as usual, but i was really pleasantly surprised by the faint.
a highlight of the night was the awesome backdrop visuals. both bands were actually backlit with little to no spotlights and that really made the performances visually stunning.

here's what i wore:

h&m dress, kismet jacket, joe fresh style tights, "dkny" purse (was my aunt's, probably a knockoff considering the shape it's in), not shown: black converse chuck taylors

and veggie poutine from fritz is the perfect way to finish the night!

some awesome images from the faint's upcoming album...

all images courtesy press here

sorry, i wanted to put these under a cut, but the cut tag's completely effed up!!!!!!! so DON'T click on "cliquez ici..." even though it shows up at the end of this post (it's messing up my other posts too! grrr...). it's late, so i will have to figure this shit out tomorrow. (i hate you, blogger!)