Tuesday, October 13, 2009

seattle/bumbershoot 2009.

i've really been feeling little inspiration to blog. sorry for the absence.

having finally uploaded photos from my labour day seattle/bumbershoot trip to [crack]book, i decided i'd better share some here as well.

i don't have any outfit photos though. the weather was unpredictable and i ended up dressing in variations of my standard outfit (skinny jeans, chuck taylors/tretorn rain boots, black sweater/jacket) most the weekend.

from top:
• i can't help but take photos of pretty clouds while i'm in the car
• inside a bar
• jimmy fallon yearbooked
• AMAZING JACKET! i don't even know who this is... we were drunk
• branded by the club
• gay ponies i took from the gay bar

from top:
natalie portman's shaved head throwing a beach party
the all-american rejects were pretty good
sport menu
• my chicken sandwich
• de la, de la, de la soul
• the space needle at night

from top:
• crazy rainy morning
• our beloved alley
• matching his & hers rainboots (not really)
• lights at jason mraz
jason mraz

from top:
• amazingly long wait for an amazingly good brunch
black eyed peas put on an awesome show - which i forgot they were capable of
• "bLunch" is the dumbest thing EVER
FRANZ FERDINAND!!!!!!!!!! completely killed it; best show of the weekend
metric were great, but seriously hard to top franz

oh, and if you don't already love/hate emily haines for being so talented, take a gander at her jacket:

yes, i had to make sure i got a good enough photo of it so i could drive myself crazy.

thanks to all who cast their votes on who should win the best costume prize from my half-bday party. it's pretty neck and neck! but i'll just have to make an executive decision. i've decided the prize will be a tub of ben & jerry's half baked ice cream. :D

i'll be returning comments very soon! promise! hope all my fellow canadians had a wonderful thanksgiving!


  1. great post! my fave pics are:
    -two gay ponies
    -space needle at night
    -that kickass picture of a kickass bird - Emily Haines - god i love her. so hot!

    oh and that burger must be bigger than you! looked greasy and yummy.

    now are you to post some pics of the new hair do?

  2. @Livie - i have an outfit post with my new hair in the works, i swear! and yes, that burger was the size of my face - i don't think i could eat that last bit of it. not on top of having fries and a root beer float. :S

  3. sounds like such a fun time!!! that sparkling blazer is LOVE! and yep, i made the masks myself out of old wrapping paper, except for the cat one which i drew the pattern myself. Thank You for visiting too <3

    -Daria :)

  4. Lovely photos and I like Jason Mraz, you lucky!


merci beaucoup!