Tuesday, October 27, 2009

apt descriptions: maybe not my forte.

last thursday, i went to yuk yuks 'cause i'd won tickets from filling in a comment card the last time i was there. i laughed 'til my gut hurt and my eyes watered up! the mc for the night was adam pateman and seriously, his bits on hipsters, love, and canadian heritage had me practically rolling on the floor.

anyway, i wanted to document this outfit mostly because i've been wearing these vintage slouch boots for two months now, but never posted photos of them:

i had tweeted that they "fit like a glove" - which is an extremely weird description... feet gloves? ..socks? (a little late on the promise, but fulfilling your request for photos, kelsey!) they can also be worn unfolded - very pirate-y.

the inspiration behind the layout and photo colouring are the marc by / marc jacobs ads photographed by juergen teller. his photos are generally softer in lighting but i like the contrast of the grittier photos against a clean layout.

source: marc jacobs


  1. lol love the title of this post, reminds me of those car commecials, which I can't seem to recall right now because it is 4:30am. Any way, love your pirate-y boots! You gotta love the option of wearing them more than one way. and I also love your Marc by Marc Jacobs inspiration for your photos, you look great!

  2. very cool outfit! i love the menswear inspiration, and your vintage boots are rad!

  3. thanks everyone!

    @nicole - lol i know the commercials you're talking about it. i almost put "but that is!" at the end of the title but figured it wouldn't make sense

  4. i like the pirate-y boots, haha! love the scarf. can i borrow??? i know what car commercials you speak of. i guess that shows i watch way too much tv.

  5. I love when people aren't afraid to shop men's wear.

    Love Grace.

    ps. Check my latest post, you may have won something.

  6. Whoa -- those are vintage? That's quite a find!

    * Kelsey

  7. those boots look so good and soft; you could walk miles in them.

    love the style inspiration from MJ - super cute.

    we didn't endup going anywhere else last night as we were at fright nite until nearly midnight. After all of our screaming, shivering and walking around, we were all ready to head home to slide into our warm PJs.

  8. i love the layout idea so much :)

  9. Oh my lord. This is amazing!! I love every single thing you are wearing!! Its so realaxed, but so cute! Oh, thanks for the sweet comment, i really appreciate it!!

    Panda xx

  10. Love the jacket too! Looks comfortable. The boots are classic...can go with anything. Been catching up on my blog reading :) Can't believe I haven't started commenting on yours until now :p

  11. I like this! siple and stylish :)

  12. I love what you've done with the borders of the photos.


merci beaucoup!