Sunday, September 27, 2009

half bday.

don't let the title fool you, we are still in catch-up mode!

i celebrated my half birthday at the beginning of the month with some close friends. it was very last minute, so it was officially titled "quelle's half-assed half bday" where the theme was halves. (yes, i am huge on party themes!)

my outfit:

(serious credit to susie of style bubble for the belted dress-on-dress idea! [...can you find my gushing comment?])

a few of my friends dressed up too!

i did promise a prize for best costume, but have not created/purchased/re-wrapped(? heh) said prize yet. nor have i chosen a winner! perhaps, i'll let you, my readers choose the winner! it should be noted that not pictured is one friend who decided she didn't need to dress up because she is half fijian and half italian. haha cast your vote in the comments!


  1. tough call, love the two shades of lipstick, but also love the half white half black tights! def love your half dress with the solid+stripes and two diff lengths - how did you get the top of the striped dress to stay up? double sided tape? looks awesome!!


  2. @nicole

    thanks! the dress has boning, so it stayed up quite well on its own! :)

  3. Very cute! I love the dress idea =) It looks fabulous!

  4. dress(es) look(s) awesome! love this party theme too. happy belated half bday! how come i wasn't invited? boo!!! oh, and the half fijian half italian friend wins hands down.

  5. The dress concoction is amazing!

    Love Grace.

  6. HAPPY (half) BIRTHDAY!! your outfit is amazing, loving the mix of purple and zebra :)

    your friend's black and white outfit is great, loving the white lace on one leg!

  7. LOL so cute! Happy half birthday <3

  8. You look amazing I love this!!!

  9. whoa, rad dress! love the theme too

  10. Two shades of lipstick. That's pretty inventive. And I love the idea of layering one dress on the other. BRILLIANT. :)

  11. Coolio!

    I've passed along an award to you!

    * Kelsey

  12. Happy b-day in afterwards and OMG how much I love your dress! I could wear it to a party even without the half-theme!

  13. that is such a crazy idea with the dresses! wowee!
    i'm interested to know as well, how did you keep them up?

  14. i love themed parties, your dress is totally amazing and i love all the crazy half ideas. so fun xo

  15. aaah i love this!!just awesome

  16. haha, really fun! Great theme! I think the half fijian girl should win.:)

  17. Thanks so much for your lovely comment :) I really Appreciate it as usual! OhMYGOD! This is so awesome! I LOVE your half half dress. So effing cool, dude!

    Panda xxx

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  19. so cute and such a brilliant idea :)
    love what you did with your dress :O
    or should i say dresses :)
    Eva xx

  20. thanks everyone for the half bday greetings and lovely comments!

    @Sandy - i figured you couldn't make it out on a weeknight? i don't know... i will invite you and the kids next time :D (and kyle and uki)

    @Kelsey - another award, eep! thanks!!! <3 <3

    @Janis - the striped dress has boning so it stayed up quite well with only the assistance of the belt. :) with a regular dress (sans boning), i'm guessing a lot of tucking and tying could do the trick?


merci beaucoup!