Saturday, October 17, 2009

it's not a cape, edna, and i'm no superhero.

i am guilty of sitting on these outfit photos for a while. they are from the last weekend of september; what i wore for dinner at the edge.

i had no idea how japanese-influenced this outfit was 'til i started this post...

the cardigan with giant sleeves was purchased over the summer from my friend's aunt who runs a clothing factory in asia. i do not know the label as all the clothes are sold in japan only.

i am also wearing a camisole purchased from a japanese store in melbourne (white tank worn underneath is h&m organic), black skinny jeans from uniqlo japan, and arnold churgin boots.

if there is any doubt as to what the title of this post refers to, why it's to the incredibles and edna mode's aversion to capes!

as an aside, the characters in the images have no connection to the "japanese-ness" of my outfit - they are actually titles of chinese songs that i was listening to while photoshopping. (i sometimes feel the need to clarify such things.)


  1. I so wish I could find that cardigan here. It's bad to the bone.

    * Kelsey

  2. Hey :) Thanks so much for you comment on my blog, as usual i really appreciate it! I Love this outfit - that cardiganis awesomee. Plus, these are great photos. Gorgeous.

    Panda xx

  3. @Niki B. - LOL i like both capeygan and cardicape!!


merci beaucoup!