Friday, September 18, 2009

still playing catch-up, part whatever.

i love getting stuff in the mail. when a package arrives, it's like christmas! (except it's more like christmas presents i bought for myself.)

i was pretty surprised to receive this particular package from camille only days after purchasing:

what did i buy?

a wool blazer and a rogan for target tee!

i love them both. they fit perfectly and are super comfy.

my kitty decided to visit in my room all morning and hang about while i opened and photographed the package of clothes:

i love his white paws:


  1. i love your blazer, and your cat is darling!

  2. very cool, you ll look great in those! and what a cute kitty!

  3. hooray for childhoodflames purchases! now we need pix of you with them on!


  4. Hooray for tuxedo cats. Looks like his personality is as big as my little tuxedo cat's. Such cute photos.

    Do you like how my crazy cat lady-ness has blinded me to your new purchases?

    * Kelsey

  5. can't wait to see the blazer on you - looks super cute.

    don't you just love getting stuff in the mail? makes me feel like a kid on christmas day.

    i'm not a cat person but your kitty is very cute.

  6. Fab pieces! And thanks a ton for the birthday well wishing!

    Love Grace.


merci beaucoup!