Thursday, September 24, 2009

we interrupt your regularly scheduled program...

let us briefly veer off the catch-up path because i am bursting to share two things!

one: i went to the warehouse shoe sale at pne rollerland* (thanks for the vip night email, teresa!) and scored some arnold churgin boots that are, for me, the perfect knee-high, lace-front, leather hybrid.

the shaft height and the heel remind me of the triple-lace ann demeulemeester boots from fall '08 (okay, so it's not a wicked talon heel, but still stacked) while the tiny laces and detailing remind me of the prada spring '06 peep-toe boots (that i almost managed to get off ebay.. *sigh*), so you see, really the best of both worlds! and without the giganto price tag! now i feel less sad for not being able to buy those prada boots. (i guess the links make it seem like i'm a huge jane aldridge/sea of shoes worshipper... maybe i am. or maybe she's the first hit on google when i type in my search! but i digress...)

my second item of news is...

i cut my hair again on monday, and...

yes, super short! (sorry for the crap photos, but rest assured there'll be more photos in the weeks to come!) i haven't had hair this short since i was about one. i've considered having short hair on and off for a few years, but with the encouragement of my hairstylist extraordinaire, sue (at aveda academy), i took the plunge. i knew if i was going to cut, i'd cut it shorter than what i had last fall and the other option was to grow it out, which didn't excite me too much (mostly because i am super impatient).

anyway, ramble, bamble... thus concludes our detour!

*the warehouse shoe sale at pne rollerland goes from thursday, september 24 - sunday, september 27. hours are 10am - 9pm, thursday and friday; 10am - 6pm, saturday and sunday. happy shopping!


  1. Great great great looks both boots and hair. I cannot wait to see you with that do. Now imagine how hot the boots, hair and a Burberry trench would look together?

    Want to organize a girls nite out with a few of our Canuck girlies to a game or at least watch together at a pub? Bet we'll knock them dead with our style senses combined

  2. @Liv

    yes! awesome idea! would we still be able to get a group of tickets for a canucks game though? maybe for a boring team like... phoenix? LOL but i'd be up for a pub night too!

    oh and don't even tempt me with the idea of owning a burberry trench... haha maybe i'll hunt for a vintage trench instead. :)

  3. i like the haircut and the boots! you look great!

  4. Noooooo! Now I'm going to need to go to that sale. Those boots are incredible. So is your new hair.

    * Kelsey

  5. omgggg loving those boots!! i definitely want some knee highs too, you lucky girl!!
    and i love the hair, i just saw below the asymmetrical-ish hair you had before, both look good!

  6. was it a mad house at the sale? Was too afraid of the crowds to go

  7. thanks everyone!! :D


    it wasn't that bad actually. i was really expecting much worse, but maybe because we showed up past 6pm?


merci beaucoup!