Sunday, May 31, 2009


my friend "b" got engaged on thursday, which would make girlfriend number 3 this year. i'll admit that while i was very excited to hear the news, it also put a little damper in my day. after about 5 minutes of feeling sorry for my single ass, i decided to think of the nice dresses i get to wear over the next two years instead. no, i have no budget for these dresses, but i can dream!

some traditional fare:

oscar de la renta s/s 09 _ carolina herrera s/s 09

i'd wear this yellow dress with a white belt, i think, and certainly a longer slip under the white:

celine s/s 09

some non-traditional fare:

miu miu s/s 09 _ versace s/s 09

i know you aren't supposed to wear white to weddings, but i say: rules are made to be broken. i love how architectural these white dresses are (including the versace above) and i think the cuts are modern enough to not compete with (most) bridal gowns:

vivienne westwood s/s 09 _ salvatore ferragamo s/s 09

my other friend, may, has asked me to be her bridesmaid and the wedding will be pretty non-traditional, so i would be choosing my own dress. as far as bridesmaid dresses go, i would love to be outfitted in either of the following:

valentino s/s 09 _ christian siriano s/s 09

i am drooling over the valentino! the christian siriano dress is really not that close a contender. haha

all photos courtesy and coutorture


  1. this white versace one has the nicest shape!!!! ;)

  2. I love almost all of these dresses. haha not sure about white at weddings but i'm pretty sure if you wore any of these to someone's wedding, the bride just might be jealous! My two faves are the Celine Yellow and sheer cream. I think no slip could work if it's a sophisticated beach wedding.

    My maid of honour got to pick her own dress. It was a sexy fushia Betsey Johnson number. I loved it and she looked awesome.

  3. perfect choices, I would go for that yellow dress:)

  4. awwww sweetie, don't feel sorry about being single! trust me, i totally miss those days. i mean having no one to answer to for your actions has always been great! hehehe.. in another note, yeah who cares about rules! wear white to the wedding.. you're right, if it is done well, the bride won't have to feel threatened. hehe. i totally dig the versace on vlada and the vivienne westwood.:)

    much love


  5. the bottom 2 pictures are my favorite - but then again they are all gorgeous!


merci beaucoup!