Monday, May 4, 2009

sunday night.

went out to see the faint and ladytron put on a fantastic show last night at the commodore!

the faint
photo by bill sitzman, courtesy press here

photo by mike sharpe, courtesy nettwerk music

i'd seen ladytron live before, and they were great as usual, but i was really pleasantly surprised by the faint.
a highlight of the night was the awesome backdrop visuals. both bands were actually backlit with little to no spotlights and that really made the performances visually stunning.

here's what i wore:

h&m dress, kismet jacket, joe fresh style tights, "dkny" purse (was my aunt's, probably a knockoff considering the shape it's in), not shown: black converse chuck taylors

and veggie poutine from fritz is the perfect way to finish the night!

some awesome images from the faint's upcoming album...

all images courtesy press here

sorry, i wanted to put these under a cut, but the cut tag's completely effed up!!!!!!! so DON'T click on "cliquez ici..." even though it shows up at the end of this post (it's messing up my other posts too! grrr...). it's late, so i will have to figure this shit out tomorrow. (i hate you, blogger!)


  1. you are too lucky! i love the faint and ladytron too. and ive never seen either live. i did see one of the guys from the faint do a dj set though. its always akward when band members try to dj.

  2. Love that blue jacket! xo Cari

  3. I love Ladytron, I'm so jealous that you got to see them live! xx

  4. i love your blue jacket !

    *hope we can be friends .

  5. ladytron is awesome! so if your jacket!

    xx, Geri

  6. Oh those are cool haha. I've never heard of them... But your outfit is cute!
    And thanks for the email advice thing I think I got it to work =)

  7. I love your jacket. The color and cut are just so gorgeous. :)

  8. i´ve never heard of them before, but their visuals look fabulous...i should find more about them, thank you for introducing them:)
    your outfit is great as usual!


merci beaucoup!