Sunday, June 7, 2009

ling yali.

vogue china april 2009

i wanted to share these amazing pieces by ling yali i found in an issue of vogue china last month. sorry for the horrid scan (click for larger image). the magazine is quite a monster and hard to lay flat on a scan bed. i am so in love with the vest in the bottom right hand corner; such a work of art.

here are some photos from ling yali's yl-l f/w '09 show at shanghai fashion week in april:

more photos from her show can be found here.


  1. That pink dress is absolutely mezmorizing. I love it!

  2. the last grey dress is so cute

  3. fashion is definitely a great art form!! so beautiful!

  4. oh wow, stunning. real pieces of art and softly romantic (yet modern). share more vogue china please!

  5. it´s all so beautiful (especially the first and the last dress), thank you for sharing!


merci beaucoup!