Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i've never been to heaven, but i've been to oklahoma...

...twice actually.

apologies for the hiatus! i was in tulsa, oklahoma during the victoria day long weekend and had trouble getting back into the groove of things upon my return (i tend to go into post-trip slumps).

the reason i was in tulsa was for a hanson members-only special event. i could really go into way too much detail, so instead i'll leave you with some photos (i had trouble narrowing down what to share).

tulsa is a very beautiful city. i was lucky enough to see quite a bit of it this time, but would love to visit again to discover more. (especially since i couldn't fit in vintage shopping! quite sad about that.)


  1. nice pie hole. hee hee.

    cute pics - not what I expected of tulsa, not that I know anything about it.

  2. it seems that it was great time for you:)
    because it´s very improbable that I would ever have the chance to see this city, it´s very nice that I can see bits of it through your eyes.

  3. soooooooo jeal you went to the hanson day event!!!! so jealous!

  4. ohhhh and I bet the vintage shopping there must be good!! Love the photos! I barely get out of New York, So Im kind of sad I havnt seen much usa yet.. and I have post-trip-slumps too..

  5. looks like you had a great time!!! tulsa is beautiful :D


merci beaucoup!