Sunday, April 3, 2011

oh, hello. fancy meeting you here...

Yes, I have really sucked on updating le blog. I'm not even sure how I managed to earn an award for being so dormant. (Thanks Chloe!)

But since Chloe at This Girl's City was so kind to pass on The Versatile Blogger Award to me, I must oblige with sharing 7 random facts about myself.

  1. I don't like olives.
    I think they are fine sliced up and on pizza, nachos, in dips, etc., but I can't do whole olives. I don't even like them in Greek salads; they're just too salty!
  2. I cry watching Disney movies.
    Every animated Disney movie I've watched has made my eyes water, if not full-on cry.
  3. There is always room for ice cream.
    Even if I'm stuffed to the point of feeling sick and someone suggests to have some ice cream, gelato, or sorbet for dessert, I will always say 'yes'.
  4. I love quoting movies and tv shows randomly.
    It amuses me to no end, even though people around me usually don't know the reference. (PS. If you ever want to get into a quote-off with me, try Snatch, Napoleon Dynamite, Zoolander or Friends.)
  5. Hanson is my all-time favourite band.
    It's hard to explain without being long-winded, but if I had to sum it up in one sentence, I'd say: they were there when I was growing up and they're here while I'm still growing and learning.
  6. I can't swim.
    Or at least I haven't swam since highschool for PE (12 years ago) and I've never been very good at it. If it were a life or death situation, I could probably get myself to shore... I hope.
  7. I'm anal retentive about my books.
    I don't like lending out my books unless I know the borrower will treat my books with as much care as I would. Exceptions to this rule: if I'd already "maimed" the book somehow (bent corner on the cover, oh noes!).

* *

A few months ago, I was also passed on the Trendy Blog Award from Miss Soo at The Habitue. (Sorry for the delayed 'thanks'!)


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I'd like to pass both awards on to (and in some cases, reciprocate):
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As for an acceptance speech... "I'd like to thank [insert your name because you are an awesome reader!]"


  1. Thanks for the award! Now I gotta think up some randomness about myself!

  2. aww thanks lady! I cried watching "Up" three times. Most i cried for a Disney movie haha


merci beaucoup!