Tuesday, April 12, 2011

new york, part i.

If you've been a long-time follower, you may've noticed I had this whole New York trip planned last year. (Thanks for enduring all that [intermittent] 90 Days 'Til NYC hoopla!)

A year+ after the fact, I am finally ready to share some photos and tidbits from my trip. (I also have a travel blog - quelle voyageuse - if you would like to read all about my trip without any visuals. Yes, I am a very long-winded writer.)

top: our apartment
bottom left: old juxtaposed with new - buildings in Midtown/Upper East Side
bottom right: inside Alice's Tea Cup, Chapter II for afternoon tea

We rented an apartment for a week in Midtown/Upper East Side. It was an old and narrow building, with a distinct lack of hot water, but still, quite lovely.

afternoon tea at Alice's Tea Cup

There was a cute tea shop right around the corner and we managed to stop in twice. It's very cute, has delectable tea and scones, amazing fries (who'da thunk it?), and delicious mar-TEA-nis that they only wish more people would order.

good ol' KD

What do you do if you're starving at midnight? Brave the snow and make a late-night grocery store and drug store run.


  1. YES! I love New York! I wish we were smart like you to rent an apartment when we went!!

  2. is that some late nite mac n cheese? like the wallpaper!

  3. I love that first shot. So much.

    I also love that city and really need to go back. It's been years!


  4. great pics! and so cool that you rented an apartment there. I always find renting places in real neighbourhoods make one feel most at home when traveling. I also get a kick out of shopping for groceries everywhere that i travel to - it gives you a sense of how people really live.

  5. Beautiful pics !



merci beaucoup!