Tuesday, March 8, 2011

recently... birthday invite.

It was my birthday last week and while I was bed-ridden with the most horrible cold I've had in recent memory, I made this fun little invite.

I was inspired by early 20th century (c. 1920s) packaging and advertising in Shanghai and Hong Kong, mostly because of the decor and website of the restaurant, Bao Bei. (Yes, I would totally go back.)


  1. Hey lady! Belated happy birthday wishes to you :D

  2. happy belated birthday! this is such a cute invite! get better <3

    lost of birthdays this month!! my sister, brother and dad (chinese moon birthday)

  3. Happy belated Kel! how was Bao Bei? i can't wait to see your blog post on it and what you wore. love this cute little invite.


merci beaucoup!