Tuesday, June 9, 2009

status meeting.

okay, i cheated. i wanted to wear these bcbg paris shoes, but wasn't going to ruin them by walking in them 9 blocks each way for a short status meeting (company's logo is finally getting somewhere). i actually wore this outfit with my blue wrap sweater and white havaianas. i quite love this top i bought from a japanese shop called "shibuya" in melbourne last year (worn over a cotton h&m spaghetti strap dress).

last night, while going through bags and bags of old clothes to donate, i came across some clothes my sister wore in the early 90s. some of the stuff i wouldn't have touched with a 10-foot pole even a couple years ago, but now i think they're seriously amazing! i'll try to share some photos soon.


  1. Haha, my outfits always turn out better in my head than in reality too haha. I always cheat and go for the comfort! I love your dress though =)

  2. cute shape and cute pattern. good call on the 9 blocks - not worth ruining those lime green shoes!

    yeah i'm kinda digging this early nineties thing...but no scrunchies though. EVER!

  3. Love the patterns on the dress. Shame you couldnt wear these shoes.

  4. i love going through old clothes and finding things to wear in a fresh way... it's so much fun :) also, the black shoes in your newest post are KILLER.


  5. Those shoes are a lovely colour on you!

    x x x


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