Tuesday, March 31, 2009

toronto fashion week round up!

finally posting the rest of my toronto fashion week reviews! last week was a bit hectic, hence the big delay. so, without further ado...
(all photos courtesy lgfashionweek.ca.)

carlie wong

truth be told, i am a tad disappointed with carlie wong's collection. i definitely remember loving stuff from her collections a few seasons ago, but this feels a bit average and not particularly groundbreaking. that being said, perhaps the recession's got a bit to do with her decision to hold back.

evan biddell

my reason for cropping some of these faces is not so much an image size issue, but more of a saving-your-eyes issue. i understand where the intent was for the makeup, but somewhere along the way, it all went horribly wrong. clearly, this has detracted the attention away from the clothes which i quite like, and i also appreciate the rocking of the balmain-look-a-likes. (non-platform version, here.)

lucian matis
oh how do i even begin to rave about my love for this collection? maybe it's mostly the surreal/romantic/dreamy/foresty (yeah, it's a word now!) backdrop and the hair and not so much the clothes... either way, lucian matis has me swooning! while i was figuring out how to best collage this collection, i came up with this:

obviously impossible to see the clothes, so here's a less dreamy version:

(notice that for once, a reality show's intents on launching careers seems to have actually worked. congrats to carlie, evan, and lucian!)


i love the drama-meets-rocker-girl. that last shot of the back of the dress is so awesome.

carlton brown
just because i greatly appreciate a sharply dressed man:

the forever21 at metropolis/metrotown won't be opening its doors 'til november!


  1. Nice work on the Lucien Matis - love it. I really like those muted and foresty (yes that is a word) colours - so earthy. and i love those scrunched up booties.

    I preferred Nada to Evan Biddell if we're choosing between punk rocker/drama styles - maybe b/c i find the Nada stuff more wearable.

  2. agreed with nada over evan biddell!


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