Saturday, March 7, 2009


about a month ago, i decided to photograph some makeup i'd recently purchased (for this blog) and i ended up doing a few product shots of my makeup collection favourites. ironically, none of the photos i'm about to share include the makeup items i set out to shoot originally. instead, i've decided to share why these are my favourites. (and i've since added a couple new items from my last sephora jaunt in seattle, but i'll save those for another time.)

i am huge on eyes and nails. my makeup collection has very few lip products and i don't use blush. i just feel that i can have the most fun with eye shadows and nail polishes. that's what makeup should be about anyway, having fun.

nail polish
i don't do my nails too often (maybe an average of once every month or two) and i usually go for pretty bold colours. the pink polish i got from a dangerfield sale bin in melbourne, and the wine/burgundy polish i got from cotton on body in geelong for $1. neither of these polishes are great quality, but i love the colours, and they are my favourite cheap nail polishes in my collection.

sephora colorful duo - duo no.3
i bought this shadow duo because i'd wanted to have canucks-themed eye makeup when i went out to see a game once, but realized i was lacking a nicely pigmented blue shadow. the first time i used this duo, i wasn't sufficiently impressed, but after some more experimentation, i've come to quite like it.

benefit creaseless cream shadow/liner - pre-nup
this was a freebie from sephora. i haven't used it much, as i'm not big on pearly pink shadows, but i do love this because it really is creaseless! i'm also a sucker for the packaging.

rimmel three-sum - breath taking
this is my go-to shadow trio. if i don't have time to fuss about my shadow, i throw on the gold and pink (and that's pretty often).

too faced - pearl necklace & oscar
i bought these for about $5 each from nordstrom rack in seattle. (if you don't mind hunting around and possibly rubbing elbows with many people for deals, check this place out!) i became obsessed with finding the perfect gold shadow shortly after mac released their holiday 07 collection. i don't think i have the porcelain skin needed to pull off the gold-leafed-eye look from that advertising campaign, but i still like to play around with golds and whites. these are nice colours that i don't use often enough, but i absolutely adore the packaging!

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