Tuesday, March 10, 2009

jonas löfgren.

i saw this bit about lula's "a perfect mess" editorial featuring illustrations of our favourite disheveled fashionistas and immediately fell in love with the illustrations! the illustrations are by jonas löfgren and i love his entire body of work! wow! the dark and doll-like figures i've seen lots, yes, but there is so much expression in the faces he draws. more inspiration that i don't know when i'll get around to channeling. (if i call it a rainy day project, does that mean i should have fulfilled my list of them by now seeing as i live in vancouver...?)


  1. so beautiful and so creepy at the same time. MK's illustration though and yes she's pruning.

  2. those are really nice drawings! the one of mary kate olsen reminds me of charlie and the chocolate factory.. you know, the weird glasses Johnny Depp wore?

  3. i love this of MK, it is so awesome, describes her perfectly! although i still love her so much haha


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