Monday, July 9, 2012

wedding season.

After entering (and passing) my mid-twenties, I found there were more and more weddings to attend each year. Luckily, I haven't run into the problem of not having enough dresses to wear (yet), simply by making sure I do not wear the same dress in the presence of the same guest list more than once.

just a small sampling: h&m / urban behaviour / supré / h&m / sharinio / buffalo shop

There are a few other cardinal rules I go by when it comes to weddings, and these are really just the anal retentive traits in me shining through:

  • Don't wear a significant amount of black. It's a wedding - a celebration of two people's love (or whatever) for one another - not a funeral. I love black, but there's an appropriate time and place.
  • Don't wear a significant amount of white. The bride might cut you, is all I'm saying. Unless the bride is not choosing the standard white gown, then by all means, go white!
  • Leave the in-your-face cleavage for the club. Cover that shit up! This is a family affair. (Vegas wedding? Okay, whole other ballpark.)
  • Forget the mega-watt makeup. You're not the center of attention today, so try not to detract from the bride (and groom). Look ravishing, but not too ravishing.
  • Wear something that reflects your style and personality. Abiding by all of the above rules doesn't mean you have to lose yourself. Shoes and accessories are important!

Of course, the most important rule is to not act like a fool. Looking nice is super important, but learning not to get shit-faced at the open bar is an entirely different beast to tackle.


P.S. Don't wear jeans! Or t-shirts. Or baseball caps. Spleesh!

P.P.S. I am so anal that I would probably enforce a dress code if I ever had a wedding. I'm picturing a bouncer at the door...


  1. aww wedding season. I've gone through the lot of mine now as most of my friends are already married now and w/kids but there's still the odd one I have each year. Now that I only have 1/year, I don't worry too much about what I need to wear. i think the most important things to keep in mind are: 1. be respective of the bride and groom's wishes and of their family 2. wear something that you're comfortable in 3. Wear something suitable for the occasion/type of wedding it will be. For my own wedding, all I asked of guests was to look hot and sexy :)

    1. Yes, those are all definitely important! It's amazing how often people just overlook the obvious guidelines. Cutoff denim shorts? Yikes!


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