Tuesday, July 17, 2012

neon brights.

Who would have imagined that the retina-searing neon brights from my childhood would creep their way back into my wardrobe? Thankfully, this time around, neon is used sparingly and tastefully (unless you're being "ironic").

Here are some uses of neon I approve of! (Not pictured is the River Island purse I gifted to myself earlier in the year.)

clockwise from top left:
gorjana leather studded bracelet, zara shoes, zara messenger bag, zara box clutch, neon lights collar necklace, adia kibur stone necklace, sandy hyun studded cross necklace

Have you embraced the rebirth of neon?


  1. It's perfect for hot summer nights. I definitely like it in a small dose and in a classic or minimalist shape. Picked up a neon/lime green burberry clutch last summer and it's my go to piece for summer nights.

  2. love neon, especially neon beanies!

    Sharna <3


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