Friday, November 13, 2009

friday the 13th + lessons learned.

i associate friday the thirteenths with eeriness. and in that spirit:

vogue novias españa [vogue brides spain] a/w '02-'03
"felices sueños" by alfonso ohnur
via foto_decadent

eerie and beautiful, n'est ce pas?

lessons learned from previous post:

when blogging, don't cram too much content into one sitting and don't ramble on - most people won't read it.

i had wrestled with the idea of making two separate posts with my previous one, but was too eager to share my idea! (patience isn't my forte.)

for those who missed it, i'll recap that idea in fewer words:
  • inspired by nicole at le mode du jour - mission: impossible
  • thinking of not shopping 'til new york city in mid-february
  • 90-day shopping ban will begin november 17
  • will document any (and lack of) creativity
  • yay/nay?
thanks nicole, for the inspiration & encouragement!

on my to-do list this weekend:
take stock of what i own in my closet(s) and basically have a dress-up party. (i credit nina garcia for this idea.)


  1. Very beautiful photos, i love it! :)


  2. you ladies are so bold, taking on these shopping bans! Major props. I'm on a shopping ban but it's not on purpose, I'm just unemployed so it does NOT deserve the same respect haha. Also, these photos are beautiul, I especially like the second one with the mirror image.

    xx Niki

  3. taking stock of what you have in your closet is such a good idea, i really need to get around to that soon! and love those photos as well! xox

  4. gorgeous photos, eery indeed, and the beds (as rusty as they are) are beautiful too. I suppose the rust adds to the eeriness haha.

    Oh man thanks again for second mention on your blog! I don't know what to say haha but thanks so much Kelly, really appreciate it! And I'm glad I could be of encouragement/inspiration. Also glad that soon, I will not be the only one not able to shop! semi-yay haha.

    yeah I thought the same about OTK boots but yes, not the case at all! I think the OTK socks is a great idea if you pair them with knee boots to get that OTK effect.

    LOL glad I could make you laugh too! And now I know I can be sort of mean and you'll totally get what I'm saying (which is always nice!)

    I am still a YAY on your ban (as mentioned above, I think?) the creativity aspect is tough, I will admit that, but when you come up with a whole new outfit, it can be very rewarding. Think of it as looking at your current wardrobe in a whole new light :)

    And YES I do have a certain bag in mind to celebrate the end of my ban. Still unsure if I should be buying it because it may be counterproductive to my 40 days of "work" HAHA

    Looking forward to the start of your ban lady!

  5. the photos are so beautiful...and they're 'bridal shots'? (referring to the micetype).

  6. 90 days - wow! that will definitely take some restraint! is that just 90 days of no clothes shopping? or does that include christmas present shopping?

    good reminder about the christmas cards... i need to get cracking on those too!


  7. @Teresa
    yes, these photos are from a bridal magazine. sorry for the mice type! good to know that i shouldn't use the "smallest type size" option ever again.

    the ban includes clothes/accessories/makeup, but not christmas presents, though i will be making most, if not all (might spoil the kids in the family), my gifts this year!


merci beaucoup!