Thursday, August 6, 2009

my day.

i got a bit obsessed with playing with the settings on my camera, so here's a little photo documentation of how i spent the last day of july...

a heaping bowl of chinese herbal medicine to get rid of that nagging cough...

...with some haw flakes to get rid of that bitter taste.

i also went a bit crazy at the library last week...

knocked off "hickory dickory dock" a few nights ago, and i've got a couple more chapters to go with "peril at end house." i doubt these will be finished by their initial due date!

(that strip of outdoor beauty in the above image is from a failed photo of a new headband i was sporting that day. i will try to take better photos of me wearing it soonish.)

thanks for all your lovely comments on my makeup! (i hope to return them all by the end of this week!) most of what i've learned is from gurus like xteeener on youtube. there is a serious treasure trove of awesome tutorials on youtube! god bless the internet!


  1. yay lord of the flies :D ! your rainbow eyes below are so nicely done too! and after reading your comment i immediately searched up the photo of the cho chang girl, woohoo for purple :D!

  2. You will love Atonement! Did you see the movie? It's pretty freaking amazing. The green dress! Oh, the green dress!

    Hope you got rid of that cough.

  3. i LOVE haw flakes. i used to be obsessed with those when i was a kid

  4. lord of the flies. best book ever. Hope you feel better, and Thanks for your sweet comment, and i hope your having a lovely summer,

    Panda x

  5. yout photos are lovely;) atonement is a beautiful book, it´s a must read, I´ve already forced almost all my friends to read it (altough some of them are still resisting it won´t be long till I´ll succeed completely)

    hope you´ll get well soon;)!

  6. great photos! on my way to all points west i met a boy who was studying herbal healing. very interesting stuff. have fun reading! i just picked up a new book and couldn't be more excited.

  7. ouuu.i love haw flakes:)reminds me that i need to drop by the closest chinese store to grab some!lol

  8. lol:)u just reminded me of that,and the worst is that there's a chinese store just across the street from my


merci beaucoup!