Sunday, August 2, 2009

magic's in the makeup.

i'm really far behind on posts 'cause i've been battling a cold on and off for half of july. this past week i've just been coughing so bad, i've really not enough energy to do much posting. (i'll return comments over the next few days; promise! i'm behind on reading blogs too...)

anywho, just a quick post with some eye makeup i did for the no doubt concert a couple weekends back. the main colours i used were honey, fishnet, and graffiti from an urban decay deluxe shadow palette.

(i should make a bigger effort to photograph makeup before going out - not after sweating through a concert and sitting in the back seat of a drop top at night with my hair whipping my face.)

source: google images

well, the concert was awesome, of course. no doubt was just as amazing and energetic as i would've expected them to be if i'd the chance to see them 10 years ago. (gwen stefani is as stunning as ever.)

source: google images
colours enhanced in photoshop - this picture just makes me laugh!

truth: i've loved no doubt since "don't speak" (i still remember the first time i heard it and it was only a tiny clip from their video on tv), but i found out about the tour dates via paramore (which practically made me shit my pants) and i am, presently, a bigger paramore than no doubt fan. so, with a twinge of guilt, i will admit that i was more excited to see paramore than no doubt, but of course, no doubt just blew my mind.

i've already seen paramore live, and while i think they perform like seasoned veterans even though they are only in their early 20s (actually, zac farro, the drummer is still just 19, i believe), i was a tad disappointed that they didn't mix up their live act a bit more. honestly, a lot of it sounded like their live album, which really bummed me out. but, hayley williams is just a little fire ball of energy - in some ways, she reminds me of gwen stefani. (the concert performance of "stand and deliver" with both gwen and hayley on vocals was too awesome for words.)

not to be forgotten, i did find bedouin soundclash rather fun. i only knew one song and they really got crapped on in terms of stage setup and lighting, but they still delivered.

okay, so this wasn't as small a post as i thought it'd be. i ramble too much.

ps - i've read some reviews of this no doubt tour and i do not appreciate those out there who've been labelling paramore fans as twilight teenies, because
a) i am not a teeny; i'm in my mid-twenties, thanks
b) i don't even like twilight (i have recently borrowed the first book though, so we shall see if i may be converted), which brings me to
c) i couldn't possibly be a fan of paramore because of twilight. i've loved paramore since '06, which was years before paramore and twilight had anything to do with one another.
/mini rant.

pps - happy bc day! hooray for long weekends!




  2. I love your makeup! I never get more creative than black eyeliner -- you've made me reconsider colour.

    Hope you're feeling better.

  3. wow your eyes look fab - im gonna give it a go xoxox

  4. wow that's amazing. what beautiful colors. I am clueless when it comes to makeup (bronzer, mascara gloss is pretty much the extent).

  5. how fun to see No Doubt in person! your make-up was done really well...good job!!

  6. your eye makeup is amazing! i wish i were as talented with an eye pencil.

  7. For some reason I have a definite thing for men with moustaches. Perhaps I just like them to tickle me..

    PS... great eye makeup!

  8. do you think gwen went commando that night?


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