Tuesday, May 27, 2014

regarding skin.

One thing I have noticed the last few months after I turned 31, is how much elasticity the skin on my face has lost. My eyes seem more hollow and my skin looks kind of dull.

For years I've sworn by La Roche Posay products, specifically the Toleriane Riche face cream, but I'm just not sure it's doing the job for me anymore.

At the tail end of winter, I picked up a face mask/cream from L'Occitane (lured in by their free hand cream samples) and received a schwack-load of samples and a free mini set as well.

Tonight, as I was washing my face and lamenting at how disgustingly dry my skin was (along with its dullness and saggy-ness), I decided to look at the mini set I got from L'Occitane again and opened up the Immortelle Precious Cream.

Usually, due to my dry, sensitive (prone to eczema) skin, I stay away from scented creams, but my first thoughts on the Immortelle are positive: it's not greasy nor heavy, the scent isn't overpowering, and it smoothed out my dry patches pretty well. How my skin will really react remains to be seen in the morning, but since this cream is from the same line as the mask I picked up, I don't think there will be any ill effects.

Have you noticed any significant changes in your skin as you've aged? What have you done to combat it? I would love some suggestions!

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