Tuesday, December 11, 2012

salvage: follow-up

All photos by the talented Penelope Tse

last minute signage & balloon idea // me looking fairly fresh-faced considering the lack of sleep


Okay, I am finally getting around to sorting through photos and posting about the Salvage sale!

I had to take a couple days off after the event to catch up on rest. Then things got busy again, and finding time to tally up sales numbers, count money, and sort through the inventory (again) was harder than anticipated.

the sale was held at the Hot Art Wet City pop-up gallery // these shoes still need a home


these ladies went home with purchases

Sindy and Danielle contributed clothes to the sale // we got pretty busy at one point

Chris selling delicious mulled wine // friends helping with checkout


By my latest count, we have almost $200 in donations for WISH, which is enough to provide Christmas dinner for ten women! So, thank you to everyone who helped out, donated items, purchased items, made cash donations, and promoted, to make this sale a success!

Extra special thanks:
David Baumgart   •   Chris Bentzen / Hot Art Wet City   •   May-May Chau   •   Stephen Chong   •   Sean Hamilton
Stacey Hamilton   •   Liv Hung   •   Euvie Ivanova   •   Jenny Lee   •   Anita Leung   •   Danielle Mah   •   Sindy Pan
Lisa Scigliano   •   Megan Seely   •   Eileen Soo   •   Penelope Tse   •   Lisa Wong   •   Deanna Woo   •   Yang Xia
Bertrand Yung   •   and my parents for letting me take over their basement as Salvage HQ


I still have some potential shoppers who'd like to look through the inventory before I bag it all up again to donate/keep for a future sale, so let me know if you spy anything in the photos that you might be interested in!


  1. What size are those bow shoes? Sorry I missed out - congrats again on what looked to be a great event!

    1. Thanks Elisse!
      The purple bow shoes are size 4.5.

  2. I loveeeee the shoes!

    Please check out and follow my blog!!! <3

  3. Very cool! I love this(:


merci beaucoup!