Sunday, January 9, 2011


with a new year comes new beginnings.

one such new beginning is the future of vogue paris, after a surprising resignation as editor-in-chief from carine roitfeld last month. what lies ahead for carine is still a mystery, but i look forward to following her new career! (incidentally, i am still a fan of this cnn special on her: click to view!)

taking the place of carine, announced friday, is emmanuelle alt, a street fashion photographer favourite. i've no doubt that emmanuelle will continue on the success that carine has built for vogue paris.

as for myself, i've set two goals this year. following the sad news that yoshokuya has shut its doors and still moping that i was denied eating at ping's last spring, i vow to not let restaurants on my to-try list slip through my fingers again! instead of saying, "oh yes, that place sounds great! let's eat there!" and constantly putting it off, i've decided i will try one new restaurant a week for the year 2011; 52 total.

another goal i've set is to watch one new (as in, i've never seen it before) movie per week, also making that 52 for the year 2011. my reason for this goal is mostly to (finally) watch all those movies that everyone talks about and are completely shocked to learn that i've not seen. (hopefully i can stop getting those "OMG HOW COULD YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN IT?!" reactions.)

i'll let you know of the progress for both, of course!

what resolutions or goals do you have for the year?

also, if you think setting resolutions just because it's a new year is silly, i totally understand. i'm not big on them either, but i wanted to set up some fun challenges for myself this year.


  1. A happy new year to you as well! I haven't set any resolutions per se, but hope you're able to achieve all of yours. All the best!

  2. happy new year kel! looking forward to seeing more yummy food review posts then if you're vowing to hit up more must-eat restaurants

    we need a canucks lunch again soon ;)

  3. i have not many resolutions i think..

  4. Happy 2011 and good luck with your movie of the week goal! Hope you don't get "denied" at another resto!


merci beaucoup!