Monday, July 20, 2009

shopping show-and-tell.

i had put myself on a shopping ban for the month of june, but i never shared that i'd accomplished it!

for the month of july, i decided to set a spending budget on clothes and accessories (including make-up) and i challenged myself to only buy sale items. so far, so good!

sharing what i've bought:

clockwise from top right:
- asos leather buckle detail high front slingback
- spitfire vintage dylan/roy orbison sunglasses
- asos wet look mini skirt

the shoes i'd ordered two weeks ago and arrived on friday. they are actually rather cushioned and much comfier than i expected.

i was eyeing the sunglasses a few days ago, but decided last night that i had to order them. they are what my friend would call "ironic glasses." and while i was snooping the '10 pounds and under' sale section, i also found the skirt.

i really like asos's extensive catalogue of affordable and designer items, and their mailing list emails. most stores send you the typical "we got new stock" or "we're having a sale" emails, but the asos emails are similiar to a mini newsletter with how-to-wear ideas. (i also really like their order confirmation emails; very nicely designed. clean, informative, but also personable.)

the big sale at asos ends this week and shipping to canada is super affordable - just under $7US - and it only took about 10 working days to receive my last order!

/plug (wish i got commissioned for all that positive press. ha!)


  1. only 7 bucks for shipping? that's awesome!

    love those ironic glasses - very you.

  2. I can't believe you actually accomplished your mission. I can't even go hiking without shopping.

    Looooooooooooove those glasses! My puppy's now eaten two pairs of mine so I'm desperately in the market for some new ones.

  3. those sunglasses are cute! im glad you challenged yourself to buy on sale items. i actually mentioned that shopping tip on my post too.

  4. loving those shoes and those glasses, especially the glasses. i've seen a lot of glasses like that, but those are definitely the coolest ones i've seen yet!

  5. Like the glasses!! REALLY CHIC!

  6. ooh i love asos but i've never ordered anything from them. your finds are great! i'm very jealous!

  7. ahh i LOVE asos. such good pricing, range and quick delivery. you can find whatever you want there. and i know what you mean about the confirmation emails, its weird how right they are. great choices (:

  8. pretty nice shoes!

  9. nice blog you have!
    i love those eyeglasses!

  10. Fantastic picks.

    Love Grace.

    ps. lovely blog you've built here.

  11. Yeah asos is awesome, especially for last minute bargains. Great stuff!
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. thank you so much!
    your comment made my day.
    see you around!

  13. I've never heard of the website but those are some super cute glasses. I always feel so accomplished when i get a lot of great stuff from a website. (and esp. when there is free shipping!)

    And thank you for that, i did the same. =)


merci beaucoup!