Wednesday, December 29, 2010

happy holidays!

go me for finally registering a domain ( and then forgetting to blog! (i've been seriously swamped all month.) i had prepped this holiday post and now it's almost new year's. d'oh!

anyway, hope you all had/are still having a wonderful holiday!

chanel, zara

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Monday, December 6, 2010

kerry james marshall.

near the end of summer, i'd visited the vancouver art gallery to see the modern woman, the first ever touring exhibit from musée d'orsay. i loved the exhibit for a few reasons, including my love for degas and my immense appreciation for masters of pastel and charcoal.

another exhibit on at the time (and still up 'til january 3) is the first canadian solo exhibit of kerry james marshall. prior to this particular art gallery visit, i'd never heard of marshall, but his paintings left a huge impression on me.

black painting (2003)
original photo found here

personally, i feel his social commentary paintings are the most poignant, but i couldn't possibly describe his work in a way that would do him justice. if you get a chance, please do see his work in person.

want to read more about kerry james marshall? i recommend this frieze article.